Real property includes land and all the things that are attached to it or ˇ°improvedˇ± on it. It consists of land, and of all rights and profits arising from and annexed to land. Unlike personal property, real property is of a permanent and immovable nature, and the owner has an estate therein at least for life. For example, a house is real property, but a dining room set is not.  In order to make one's interest in land, real estate, it must be an interest not less than for the party's life, because a term of years, even for a thousand years, perpetually renewable, is a mere personal estate.  

In the context of international transactions, one would be interested in possibility of international ownership and thus the purchase of real property in a particular country. For a company investing in a foreign country by opening an operating office or for investment sake would be interested in the choices between purchase and leasing of a land and/or building.

It is also important to note that in a country like US, the laws of real property are unique to each state and vary significantly among the states. We have long years of cumulative experience in handling all areas of real estate purchase and leasing and contractual and real property law disputes.

Also frequent in this area is the need for expert opinions and negotiations concerning construction businesses. This of course includes real property development projects and office building construction and commercial lease and management.
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